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Endless Ambition

TBY talks Ibiene Ogolo, Chief Responsibility Officer of Eko Development Company, on the development of the Eko Atlantic Project and its impact.

Eko Atlantic is the continent’s most significant development. What about it was attractive?

We saw Eko Atlantic as an ambitious project and that, for us, marked it as a grand opportunity. At the site Eko Atlantic now occupies, formerly known as Bar Beach, there was significant erosion over the years that, as recently as 2005, threatened all of Victoria Island. Eko Atlantic resulted as a solution to protect the shoreline of Victoria Island and also to create a city that would be well-planned as well as developed in accordance with 21st century best practices. Speaking from the perspective of investment, this project is a critical part of the transformation of Lagos, Nigeria, and Africa at large. As a result, Eko Development Company saw this as the perfect location to deploy our project, aptly named Azuri Peninsula. read more…

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